What’s New

November 2020

Mr Ng Si Ieong Hugo, MUD and MUP graduate, publishes a book entitled《誌同道合 – 香港標牌探索》and receives interview from Hong Kong Economic Journal on 21 November 2020 about his new book and the design of road sign.  More interesting concepts and facts of road sign/logo can be found at

Dr Kyung-min Nam received interview from HKU Bulletin with his article Airborne Solution published in the latest issue of HKU Bulletin November 2020 (Vol.22 No.1).

Dr Derrick Ho is appointed as a guest editor for the special issue of “Climate Change, Aerosol Pollution and Public Health Risk in an Urban Context” of the journal Frontiers in Climate; and is re-appointed his editorship with BMC Public Health as an editorial board member for the “Environmental Health” section.

Welcome our new Research Postgraduate (RPg) students in 2020-21:

Name Qualification Study field
Ms Yao Du


MA (Sociology), CUHK
LLB (Sociology), East China University of Political Science & Law, China
Urban planning and design


Ms Chenxi Li
(University Postgraduate Fellowships (UPF) Awardee)
MSc (Human Geography), Sun Yat-sen University, China
BSc (Resources Environment & Urban and Rural Planning Management), Sun Yat-sen University, China
Neighbourhood and housing
Urban development and socio-spatial inequality
Urban policy and planning
Ms Zixin Luo
(UPF Awardee)
MEng, Tongji University, China
BEng, Sun Yat-sen University, China
Smart cities
Quantitative urban study
Mr Hanxi Ma


MSc (Urban Planning), HKU
BEng (Urban and Rural Planning), Tsinghua University, China
Big data
Transport and land use in urban planning
Mr Lu Shan


Master of Urban and Rural Planning, Southeast University, China
Bachelor of Urban Planning, Southeast University, China
Urbanism with attention on high-density, compact cities, housing research and design methods
Ms Cuiping Tan



Master in Land Management, Renmin University of China, China
Bachelor in Public Administration and Management, Central University of Finance and Economics, China
Urban renewal
Reconstruction of urban villages in China
Mr Kasemsit Yimparsit
(UPF Awardee)
MSc (Real Estate), University of Washington, USA
MA (Labor Economics and Human Resource Management), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
BEcon, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Urban planning




Ms Jianting Zhao


Master of Urban Spatial Analytics, University of Pennsylvania, USA
BSc (Landscape Architecture), University of Wisconsin, USA
Measuring urban intervention


Ms Yiling Zheng


Master in Urban Planning, Wuhan University, China
Bachelor in Geographical Information System, Wuhan University, China
Healthy cities: Built environment and health


Ms Mingzhi Zhou
(The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPF) Awardee)
Master of Planning, University of Southern California, USA
Bachelor of Management, Fudan University, China
Nexus between travel behavior and built environment
Urban informatic
Human well-being


Congratulate the following RPg students who graduated in 2020-21:

Name Research Title Supervisor
Ms Rong Cai


Rethinking Neighbourhood Governance in Urban China: Framing and Examining and Role of Homeowner Associations Professor Shenjing He
(Co-supervisor: Dr Roger Chan)
Mr Huagui Guo


Air Pollution and Health Disparities in China: Differential Exposure and Unequal Health Effect Dr Weifeng Li
(Co-supervisor: Professor Anthony Yeh)
Ms Yiling Luo
(HKPF Awardee)
Gender, Place and Entrepreneurship in the Network Age: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China Dr Roger Chan
(Co-supervisor: Professor Shenjing He)
Ms Yueli Xu Exploring the Impacts of Participation in Regeneration: Evidence from Communal Space Regeneration Projects in Three Types of Neighbourhoods in Shanghai Dr Mandy Lau
(Co-supervisor: Professor Rebecca L.H. Chiu)
Ms Changchang Zhou
(HKPF Awardee)
State Rescaling and Policy Experimentation in Understanding China’s Rural Land Reform: A Case Study of Wujin Dr Roger Chan
(Co-supervisor: Dr Weifeng Li)


Research Seminar:

25/11 Natural Experiments in Built Environment and Health Studies 
09/11 Infrastructure and Urban Development in Japan and South-East Asia
04/11 Monitoring Air Quality and Morphological Characteristics for Healthy Living Communities in Shenzhen
02/11 Sociospatial Transformation in the New Era of Urban China