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September – October 2022

Symposium on Countryside Conservation and Rural Revitalization

The “Symposium on Countryside Conservation and Rural Revitalization” was successfully held on 27 August 2022.  It was co-organized by the HKU Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (CUSUP) and a Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme (CCFS) project team led by Professor Shenjing He.  The Symposium brought together many experts in the field of rural research and rural revitalization from Mainland China and Hong Kong.

The seminar was chaired by Professor Bo-sin Tang, Director of CUSUP.  Over 500 participants joined in physically or virtually, including government officials, scholars, urban planners, members from the tourism industry, and local villagers.


Professor Shenjing He was invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects to deliver HKIA Journal Symposium in relation to Urban-Rural Symbiosis & Development on 21 August 2022.


5th World Planning Schools Congress (WPSC) 25th World Planning Schools Congress (WPSC) 1Professor Anthony Yeh was invited to give a keynote speech together with Professor Saskia Sassen of Columbia University, USA, in the Open Ceremony and Plenary Session of the “5th World Planning Schools Congress (WPSC)”, with the theme of Planning a Global Village: Inclusion, Innovation, and Disruption.  The Congress was held at Bali, Indonesia, on 30 August 2022.  His keynote speech is “Smart City and Urban Development”.

The 5th Congress was a mixed mode Congress, with around 800 participants from more than 80 countries, half on-line and half in presence in Bali.  The 1st WPSC was held in Tongji University, Shanghai, in 2001, which led to the founding of the 5-year WPSC congress series and the formation of the Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN).


Our Department won the bid for organizing the 18th International Congress of Asian Planning Schools Association in Hong Kong in 2026 in the Council Meeting of Asian Planning Schools Association (APSA) held during the 5th WPSC.  Professor Shenjing He was elected an Executive Committee Member of APSA for 2022-2024.  The next APSA Congress will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2024.


Professor Anthony Yeh was invited to be one of the Guest Speakers of the “HKIS Annual Conference 2022 – Northern Metropolis: A New Era of Hong Kong towards Sustainability, Resilience and Growth” on 17 September 2022.  He delivered his speech on “The Northern Metropolis – Pudong of Hong Kong in the New Era of Development”.


Mr Alain Chiaradia was nominated for the following posts:

  • Fellow and Vice President, Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design
  • Founding member, GBA Urban Design Alliance (supported by the following Founding Member institutes: Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, Centre for Architecture and Urbanism – Macau, Guangzhou Urban Planning Association, Urban Planning Society of Shenzhen, Zuhai Planning Exploration and Design Industry Association)


Mr Alain Chiaradia co-authored the following award-winning paper in 2021 Second Prize Landscape Architecture Award:
Zhang, L., Chiaradia, A., Cui, M., & Zeng, W. (2022). Between the in-between: A design study of “cool network” based on 3D accessibility. Landscape Architecture, 29(6), 109-114 (in Chinese). DOI: 10.14085/j.fjyl.2022.06.0109.06


Dr Mandy Lau served on the Jury Panel of the Hong Kong Institute of Housing (HKIH) Elite Awards on 20 August 2022.  The Elite Awards recognizes outstanding property managers for their contribution to the profession and community.


On August 9, 2022, Dr Kyung-Min Nam chaired a special session “Spatial Connectivity of Northeast Asia Regions” at the 12th Asian Conference in Regional Science held in Ulsan, Korea in a mixed mode (both online and face to face).  In this session, his co-authored paper entitled “Regional Growth and Distribution Impacts of Improved Cross-border Road Transport System along the China-Indochina Peninsular Economic Corridor”, was also presented by Dr Ji Zheng, a Post-doctoral Fellow under his supervision.


Dr Yulun Zhou, in collaboration with colleagues from Beijing Normal University, has won a First Prize in National GIS Technology Advances Award 地理信息科技进步奖 by the China Association for GIS for their project entitled “Brain-inspired Navigation in Geographical Spaces: Theory and Methods”「地理空间类脑智能导航理论与方法研究」.


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