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February 2021
Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and good fortune in the Year of the OX!Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and good fortune in the Year of the OX!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Department Facebook.

The main goal of the Facebook page is to propagate our events, publicity, announcements and greetings to our students, alumni, friends and the public.  We hope to better connect with all of you via the digital platform!

Dr Guibo Sun was awarded RGC Germany/HK Joint Research Scheme, with HK and Germany each side receiving 90,000 HKD for academic exchange.  The list of funded projects is available on the RGC website.  Across universities in Hong Kong, only 12 projects are approved.  Dr. Guibo Sun’s collaborator is TU Dortmund University which is known to have the largest spatial planning school in Europe.  This funding will enable exchange visits of PhD students on both sides when the pandemic is over.

Dr Derrick Ho’s research on “Home Away from Home” (South China Morning Post (A8), 23/01/2021) and “Hong Kong maids need a break, but Covid-19 fears make it harder for them to gather on days off” (Online SCMP) were reported by the media.

Congratulations to our alumni and students who received HKIS Outstanding Dissertation Awards 2020:

Category Prize Name Project Title Supervisor
Planning and Development Division (PDD) Second Award TAM Hiu Lam
BAUS graduate (2020); MUP Year 1 student
Walking to Tram: Spatial Cognition of the Route Environment in Hong Kong Dr Guibo Sun
PDD Second Award YEUNG Yat Ching
BAUS graduate (2020); MUP Year 1 student
Exploring Factors Affecting Travel Mode Choices in Hong Kong Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Dr Kyung-Min Nam
Master Top Award YEUNG Sin Yee, Tiffany
BAUS graduate (2018); MUP graduate (2020)
Rediscovering the Leftovers – An Investigation of Spaces Underneath Flyovers in Hong Kong Ms Christina Lo

 DUPAD organized a Joint-Institute Student Talk via Zoom with Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) about “Shaping Professional Planning Career” on 22 January 2021. In this student talk, members from RTPI and HKIP shared with prospective young planners their career development pathways in Hong Kong and in the UK, and offered tips on gearing up with essential skill sets and the support from the professional institutes in the early stage of planning career amidst changing city developments and social aspirations.  Mr Jeffrey Ng, MUP graduate, RTPI South East Young Planner 2018, Finalist of RTPI Young Planner 2020 and now Planning Officer in West Berkshire Council in the UK, was one of the three speakers.

Research Seminar:

Cities as Revealed Social Ties in Space: Unraveling Co-presence Patterns in Urban Public Spaces

‘(Re)colonising’ Inner-City Neighbourhoods in the Global City: (Re)gentrification in Former French Concession, Shanghai China

Developing Airport Cities in China: Patterns, Governance, and Spatial Economic Impacts