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April – May 2022

He SeminarProfessor Shenjing He was invited by the Department of Geography and Research Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong to deliver an online research seminar, titled “The Rise of Education-Featured Gated Communities in Chinese Cities: (Re)producing the Enterprising Self via the Entrepreneurial Local State-Capital Nexus” on 14 April 2022.

Professor Anthony Yeh has reported the following patents that are output of the HKU Team (Professor Anthony Yeh, Department of Urban Planning and Design, and Dr Frank Xue, Department of Real Estates and Construction) in the  Guangdong Key Area Research Scheme of Guangdong Science &Technology Department, “Application of Virtual Reality in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Heritage Conservation”, with OKayGIS Company, Shenzhen University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangdong Museum, Guangdong Heritage Archaeology Research Institute, and Guangdong Kaizhi Cultural Heritage Conservation Research Institute:

  1. Xue, F., Yeh, A.G.O., Wu, Y. (Year 1 PhD student) and Chen, Z. (Year 1 PhD student). (2022) Indoor 3D Barrier-Free Mapping Based on Lidar Point Cloud and BIM Clash Simulation [基于LiDAR點雲和BIM碰撞模擬的室內三維無障礙地圖生成方法]. China Patent Filing No.: 202210303655.0; PCT filing pending.
  2. Xue, F., Yeh, A.G.O., Chen, Z. (Year 1 PhD student), and Zhao, R. (Year 1 MPhil student). A Cultural Relics Traceability System for Museums [一種博物館文物可追溯方法及系統]. China Patent Filing No.: 202210303663.5; PCT filing pending.
  3. Xue, F., Yeh, A.G.O., Wu, Y. (Year 1 PhD student) & Yang, Z. (Year 1 PhD student). An Analytics System for Museum Touring Based on BIM and Surveillance Videos [一種基于BIM和視頻監控的博物館參觀分析的方法及系統]. China Patent Filing No.: 202210302636.6; PCT filing pending.

Another output is a website of “360 Virtual Tours of Heritage Buildings in Hong Kong”.

NamDr Kyung-min Nam delivered an invited, online seminar, entitled “Uneven Population Distribution and Low Fertility: Focusing on the Role of Regional Policy” on 14 April 2022.  This seminar was organized by KyungHee University (Seoul, Korea) as part of the Brain Korea 21 AgeTech-Service International Seminar Series, funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

It is our honour and pleasure to share the good news with you regarding the results of 2022 ESRI Young Scholars Award (YSA 2022).  Our students have achieved excellent results again this year:

Award Student Programme /
Year of Study
1st Runner-up Mr Chu Chit Hei, Sebastian BAUS/Year 3 Smart Redevelopment
2nd Runner-up Mr Chan Chun Ping, Dieter BAUS/Year 3 Charging for the Future?
1st Runner-up
(Group Application)
Mr Hui Chun Yin
Mr Lu Zhi Mao
Mr Ng Chun Hin
MUA/Year 1 Urban Renewal of Mong Kok
Best Story Map Design Ms Chan Yi Man BAUS/Year 3 Development of Smart environment in Hong Kong
Best Use of Open Data Mr Hui Chun Yin
Mr Lu Zhi Mao
Mr Ng Chun Hin
MUA/Year 1 Urban Renewal of Mong Kok




CUSUP Webinar Series
From “Village-in-flows” to “Town-in-flows”: Urbanization of China in Mobile Internet Era從流鄉村到流城鎮:移動互聯網時代的中國城鎮化


HKU-USF Distinguished Professor Webinar Series
Between the Colossal and the Catastrophic: Planetary Urbanization and the Political Ecologies of Emergent Infectious Disease

20220506_HKU-USF_Prof. Neil Brenner & Mr. Swarnabh Ghosh

CUSUP Webinar Series
The Role of Housing Management Industry in Construction of Smart City

HKU-USF Distinguished Professor Webinar Series
The Emergence of Data Rich Urban Science and Its Consequences for Planning

RPG Seminar
Human Mobility in Response to Environmental Hazards in China: New Approaches to Environmental Inequalities

CUSUP Webinar Series
From Poverty Alleviation to Rural Revitalization: Strategy, Policy and Institutional Arrangement