Rosman Wai

Wai, Rosman C.C.

Rosman Wai is a practising architect who has expert knowledge of public housing in Hong Kong.  Apart from the professional degree in architecture, she has obtained a Master degree in Architectural Conservation (with Distinction), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from The University of Hong Kong.  She is the Chair of the Canberra Accord on Architectural Education (2021-23), an international organisation for determining substantial equivalency between accreditation systems in architectural education of multi-national signatories. She was the Vice President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2015-16), and has served on the Architects Registration Board as Chairman of the Education and Accreditation Committee (2014-2020); Chair / Vice-chair of the Board of Educational Affairs, HKIA (2012-present); Director of Hong Kong Architecture Centre (2015-19); and Vice-Chair, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Architect Monitoring Committee Project, Hong Kong (2014 2021). She is now teaching at the Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong.

She has published many articles on public housing and architectural practices and has been interviewed on the subject by various newspapers, television and radio stations as well as given talks and lectures in many local and international conferences and universities. Her recent book, “Design DNA OF Mark I – Hong Kong’s Public Housing Prototype” has won both the DAM (Deutsches Architekturmusem) Book Award as one of the 10 Best Architectural Book of 2020, and the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2021 (Art and Design).

Chan, Hugo C.K.

Hugo Chan obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Business Administration at Carnegie Mellon University and subsequently his Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and PhD Degree at HKU. His research interests cover vernacular architecture, historic urban landscapes, heritage management and urban conservation in Asia, and his PhD research focus was on “Urban Conservation of Shanghai’s “Lilong” Space”. Prior to his PhD study at HKU, he worked as an architectural designer and planner in Shanghai and Beijing, on a number of architectural conservation and urban revitalization projects of various scales across China. Throughout his study, he actively participated in a wide array of activities to raise public awareness and advocate actions for cultural heritage conservation efforts in Hong Kong. From 2015 to 2016, he worked with the Yangon Heritage Trust and The Prince’s Foundation and co-authored the Yangon Heritage Strategy: Combining Conservation and Development to Create Asia’s Most Liveable City (published August 2016).

Nicolson, Kenneth

Dr. Ken Nicolson attained his PhD at The University of Hong Kong in 2005 and completed the MSc(Conservation) with Distinction in 2002. A practitioner with over 30 years of experience, he has been teaching in the Architectural Conservation Programmes since 2002, where he is responsible for creating and developing the postgraduate course in cultural landscape at The University of Hong Kong, the first of its kind in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He has published two books on the topic, one of which is considered an essential reading for scholars and students of cultural landscapes in the context of Hong Kong. Throughout his academic and professional career, he has won many awards, including the Award of Merit for St. Andrew’s Church in the 2006 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Lang, Jennifer

Lang, Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer Lang has over 30 years of combined professional and academic experience in built-heritage conservation, with specialization in heritage research and evaluation, cultural resource management and conservation policy. Before coming to Hong Kong, she was the First Deputy Director for Preservation at one of the largest US government agencies responsible for built heritage conservation, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, and subsequently was a Senior Architectural Historian at the California-based natural and cultural heritage consulting firm Garcia and Associates (GANDA). In 2014, she joined the Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes (ACP) at HKU as a teaching staff focusing on redesigning the research-related courses in the postgraduate curriculum. In 2016, she was appointed ACP’s Deputy Director of Postgraduate Programmes; in 2017, she became the Director, and in 2018, she was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor. In 2017, she was elected the President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architectural Conservationists (HKICON), and in 2018, she was invited by UNESCO Bangkok as an expert representing HKU in reviewing university offerings related to the management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ahuja, Lavina Ashish

Ahuja, Lavina Ashish

Lavina Ahuja has been involved with UNESCO Bangkok’s initiatives in capacity building for safeguarding cultural heritage resources in the region, particularly with the Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation program. In addition, she sits on the National Scientific Committee for 20th Century Architecture at ICOMOS India. She is the Associate Editor and writer for two volumes of the UNESCO publication series Asia Conserved: Lessons Learned from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. She has a BArch from Mumbai University (India) and an MSc(Conservation) from HKU. She is a registered architect with the Council of Architecture, India, as well as a Professional Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architectural Conservationists and an individual member of the Indian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS India). Since 2018, she has been lecturing in heritage conservation courses in the HKU Department of Real Estate and Construction, and serving as the Programme Coordinator. In 2020, she led the HKU team selected by UNESCO to prepare and present pilot online lectures for the Sustainable Heritage Management Foundation Course for heritage practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region to upskill and reskill core competences.

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Lai, Chi Pong

Chi-Pong Lai, currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes at The University of Hong Kong, is a well-published author of Hong Kong’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage. He is an experienced project manager with almost 20 years of experience in managing building project development and real estate property maintenance. He holds tertiary academic qualifications in building studies and management, as well as two master’s degrees – in architectural conservation and in Chinese literature and language. He has membership in professional institutions of Hong Kong, Australia and the U.K., with multiple accreditations in the field of building and construction management. Upon his retirement from the MTR Corporation in 2012 after 15 years of service, he was recruited by the Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes, where he is involved in teaching in courses in the BA(Conservation) and BSc(Surveying) programmes.