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AA Shanghai Summer School 2009

Hosted at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Shanghai Study Centre

Tom Verebes, Director, AA Shanghai Summer School

Sandra Sanna, Visiting Programs Administrative Coordinator, AA

Summer School Teaching Team:

  • Yan Gao
  • Ercu Gorgul
  • Lydia Kim
  • Bittor Sanchez Monasterio
  • Eric Schuldenfrei
  • Andrew Tirta Atmadjaja
  • Tom Verebes

In August 2009, the Architectural Association held its third consecutive AA Shanghai Summer School, hosted by the HKU Shanghai Study Centre. The program was taught jointly by AA and HKU staff, and included 52 students, from 20 countries, and 5 continents. This studio based course was supported by lectures, seminars, a symposium and a field trip, aiming to connect the realms of contemporary urban theory with cutting-edge computational design techniques in the context of one of the fastest-growing, most densely occupied cities in the world. Shanghai was both the setting and topic of our work during the course, serving as a live model of a pre-eminent twenty-first century city. Students investigated code-based modeling and simulation techniques capable of generating multiple, sequential, and recursive vehicles in this new field of experimentation on prototypical forms of high-density, high rise urbanism. This prototype-based approach was targeted towards the development of new social, spatial, structural and material systems, as well as towards formulating new discourses on contemporary computation and production in the disciplines of architecture and urbanism. These new tools and concepts were applied to the creation of dynamic architectural scenarios and urban models in relationship to a prominent site in the Pudong district of Shanghai, as the test-bed for team-based design exercises.

Shanghai Study Centre

Shanghai Study Centre

The Faculty of Architecture has initiated a programme whereby every undergraduate in the Department of Architecture will be required to spend one semester of their studies in a major Chinese city, without interrupting their degree programme at HKU. To this end, we have located and developed a new facility in Shanghai, which has been configured for our use. Additionally, the existing Department of Real Estate and Construction’s TPG China Programme will use this facility as a permanent home for its operations.

This Shanghai Facility will become operational by the end of Fall Semester 2008.