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Residential greenness and prevalence of major depressive disorders

A new article “Residential greenness and prevalence of major depressive disorders: a cross-sectional, observational, associational study of 94 879 adult UK Biobank participants” has been published (April 2018) in the Lancet Planetary Health under the authorship of Chinmoy Sarkar, Prof Chris Webster and Prof John Gallacher.


Make Room: Afterlives of Thesis / HKU Architecture Papers Vol.3

Make Room: Afterlives of Thesis
HKU Architecture Papers Vol.3

Make Room is a platform for new and extended works based on theses generated during the academic year of 2013 at the Department of Architecture, HKU. It disseminates the agendas that motivate many of the projects in the department to the broader public and instigate events that engage ideologies with everyday practice. The book is designed as a toolkit of ready-made materials, including manifestos, postcards, posters, and a board game, allowing for all kinds of actions and adaptation.

Being the first collaborative project by the 2013 graduates of the MArch program at HKU, Make Room demonstrates that one can participate in urgent architectural discourses and contribute to society with passion, repertoire, and intelligence to substantially initiate change.

For more information, visit the Facebook page:

The book is available in stores now.

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Dimension, 306090 Books Volume 12, Published

Dimension, 306090 Books Volume 12, Published

Emily Abruzzo, Jonathan D Solomon, editors

306090 has emerged as an essential forum for issues of architectural practice and theory. Each volume addresses a pressing issue and offers diverse cross-disciplinary solutions in the form of projects ideas buildings and other media. Dimension (306090 12) reconsiders the act of measurement and definition in architectural design practice. Architecture in the past two decades has been transformed by the ongoing revolution in digital design and fabrication techniques. Dimension explores how the data design and invention derived from the act of measurement can help architects respond to economic political and environmental factors.