Building a brick landscape for Changliu Village

Year 1 Studio Construction Project, December 2012

In December 2012, 64 Year 1 architectural students travelled to Changliu Village in Guangdong Province for a 1-week construction project. Conducted as part of the Experiential Learning curriculum at the Department of Architecture, the project involved the design and construction of a public plaza in front of the village ancestral hall. Limited to only bricks and mortar, the students working in groups of four designed 18 individual structures. Working side by side with tutors, students tackled on-site challenges with materials, construction and even weather. Collaborating with contractors, villagers and among themselves, students actively engaged in a process of making architecture that is otherwise not possible in a classroom setting. For Chinese villages, the ancestral hall is always the most important public space. The newly built brick landscape reinforces this fundamental idea and offers new community space to the villagers of Changliu.

Location: Changliu Village, Liangkou Town, Conghua, Guangdong Province, China

Total Area: 100 sqm
Total Cost: RMB 60000 (USD 9600)
Unit Cost: RMB 600 /sqm (USD 96/sqm)
Tutors: John Lin (Coordinator), Mei Chiu, Miho Hirabayashi, Jae Lim, Chad Mckee, Thomas Tsang
Course Assistant: Crystal Kwan

Year 1 Studio Construction Project, December 2012