“ACP is the first of its kind in China”

In 12 years of operation, the postgraduate Architectural Conservation Programme (ACP) has become a “gold standard” as well as a brand name in academic excellence in conservation education in Hong Kong. It is as much due to the consistent and sustaining dedication of our ACP alumni as the commitment of the ACP teaching and lecturing staff. We can proudly say that the ACP Community – students, graduates and staff – has contributed to the development of Hong Kong’s education and emerging professional field in architectural conservation.

The Masters of Science in Conservation programme uses field trips and case studies of various World Heritage sites and important local heritage zones to bring a timely and topical education to the students. Almost all recent graduates have found conservation related jobs in private practice and local governments. Some have even become successfully headhunted to middle and senior management positions in private consulting firms.

Graduates still consider themselves part of the ACP community, which is itself an important testament to the value of the programme and the importance of preserving history. For more information please visit ACP.


Lessons on the Past: Qualified Architects are being called on to safeguard history
By Michael Kremmer
SCMP: Special Report: MBAs and Master’s Degrees
February 13, 2012