Application Deadline: (extended) to 2 February 2016

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More Details: Postgraduate Prospectus 2015-16

MHM pamphlet 2016-2017
MHM pamphlet 2016-2017
Admission Talk
Admission Talk: 28 November, 2015

To be eligible for admission, applicants must be holders of:

  1. a Bachelor’s degree with honours of The University of Hong Kong; or
  2. a qualification of equivalent standard of The University of Hong Kong or another university or comparable institution accepted for this purpose; or
  3. a Certificate in Housing Management or a Professional Diploma in Housing Management or a Diploma in Housing Management awarded by the HKU SPACE (formerly known as Department of Extra-Mural Studies) and have at least five years’ work experience in the housing field; or
  4. the MCIH or MHKIH professional designation and have at least five years’ work experience in the housing field (at least two of which must be post-qualification).

Applicants to the Professional Stream, should be currently working in the housing field. Applicants seeking admission to the Academic Stream under the provision of a) or b) should note that whilst professional experience in the housing field is not a requirement for admission, it will nevertheless be an advantage.

Applicants seeking entry under the provision of (iii) or (iv), if selected, will not be offered admission until they have satisfied the examiners in a qualifying examination to test their academic ability to follow the courses of study prescribed. The qualifying examination consists of one or more written papers and will be held prior to the final selection of candidates for admission.

Candidates seeking admission to the MHousMan shall indicate their choice of streams for consideration. Once admitted to a stream candidates are not allowed to transfer to another except with approval.


Since 1994, the Hong Kong Housing Society offers two Father Cronin Memorial Awards annually to the programme. One award is granted to the best graduating student, and the other to the graduating student who produces the best dissertation.