Admission to the BA(AS) undergraduate program is both rigorous and competitive. The Department particularly welcomes applications from students with a broad range of academic and cultural interests. Students from both Arts and Science streams are accepted and applicants who have shown an interest in design are encouraged to apply to the program.

The Department’s JUPAS admission results have been exemplary in the last five years and the BA(AS) program has become one of the most competitive among all undergraduate courses offered in Hong Kong. Students need to show competency in the English language.

Supplementary requirements for candidates applying for admission through JUPAS and Non-JUPAS Schemes (2016-17)

[Candidates of the National Joint College Entrance Examination (NJCEE) are not subject to these supplementary requirements. For details on mainland undergraduate admissions, please refer to the HKU China Affairs Office’s website:

  1. Candidates applying for admission to the BAAS program are not required but encouraged to submit a portfolio directly to the Faculty Office of Architecture with reference to the following guidelines:
    • Candidates applying for admission to the BAAS program may submit a bound portfolio of art/design/creative work directly to the Faculty Office of Architecture. A successful portfolio is deemed to demonstrate adequate evidence of motivation in pursuing architectural study as well as intellectual and creative ability;
    • Please include a selection of record that will present an overview of your art/design/creative work and the processes behind it, including sketches, diagrams, or development drawings/models, anything that help us trace your thinking process, in addition to the completed work;
    • The artwork selected in the portfolio is expected to include but is not limited to painting, printmaking, sculpture, sketches, photography, woodworking, ceramics, installations, or any other visual artwork that demonstrate the applicant’s potential in design. Video, photos of 3D objects, self-generated projects can all be included. CDs/DVDs of additional material are also accepted but only when accompanying a printed hard-copy portfolio;
    • The portfolio should be printed in no larger than A4 size with maximum 20 pages. Applicants who submit a portfolio larger than A4 will be asked to re-submit before their application can be processed;
    • There is neither minimum nor maximum number of projects you may include;
    • The portfolio should contain a visual record of the creative works that the applicant has completed. If the applicant is not the sole author of the work(s), he or she should state his or her role in the work(s) and list the other collaborators;
    • A concise written explanation (not essay) for each of the artworks should be included within the portfolio pages;
    • Please do not submit original work, nor any models other than printed work;
  2. Letters of recommendation are not required; however, if you would like to submit letters of recommendation, please keep them no more than three. Both soft and hard copies are acceptable.

Deadlines for submitting the online applications (without portfolio and letters of recommendation) to HKU and JUPAS Office (2016-17) in order to be considered for admission:

Remarks: Applications must be submitted to HKU and JUPAS Office prior to submitting portfolios and letter(s) of recommendation, if any, to the Faculty of Architecture

Non-JUPAS Fast-track Admissions
16 November 2015
(12:00 noon, Hong Kong Time)

Non-JUPAS Main Round Admissions
30 December 2015
(12:00 noon, Hong Kong Time)

2 December 2015
(23:59 Hong Kong Time)

Please submit your application through one of the following websites:

For Non-JUPAS:


Deadlines for submitting the hard copy of the portfolio and letter(s) of recommendation, i.e. items (1) and (2) above, if any, to the Faculty of Architecture:

Non-JUPAS Fast-track Admissions
posted marked by 2 December 2015

Non-JUPAS Main Round Admissions
posted marked by 20 January 2016

posted marked by 3 June 2016

Address: Faculty of Architecture, 4/F Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong (Attn.: BAAS Programme Officer)

(Faculty office hour: Mondays to Fridays 9:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-5:45pm. Closed during weekends and public holidays)